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A denture-free way to replace missing teeth

A bridge is a great way to repair a smile without needing dentures. With these you can replace missing teeth by using implants or crowns either side of a gap. The bridge will literally ‘bridge the gap' with realistic looking dental replicas, and these will be long-lasting and practical replacements for a gap in your bite or smile.

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Quality dental bridge treatments

We will guide you through the process from beginning to end, helping you choose the type of bridge that is most suitable, and colour and size matching to make sure the new ‘teeth' align with your existing smile. From there we will measure and mould the location, and have your dental bridge crafted for you to fit perfectly. Our dental clinic in Birmingham has all the expertise and knowledge to supervise the creation of your dental bridge, and fit it for you to an exceptionally high standard.

Talk to us about your dental bridge

If you have a bridge already, and it is giving you concern, or if it is starting to become loose in any way, our specialist team of dentists are here to help.