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How often do I need a dental check up?

It is usually advisable to have a dental check-up every year, even if your oral health is good. This allows your dentist to catch any dental problems early. For cavities and gum problems this can save you significant pain and expense in the future.

This also gives you peace of mind, once you know your teeth are ok. Oftentimes you may experience mild shooting pain due to sensitive teeth, for example, and it is always best to be sure, as this can very often be confused with, or disguising a more serious problem.

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What it entails

At our dental practice in Birmingham, your routine dental examination is a very straightforward process. We will examine your teeth and mouth, and may perform X-rays if necessary to find if there is anything that needs attention. If there are signs of any problems, we can suggest changes to your lifestyle or eating habits that may help to improve things, and then again, if intervention is needed, we can book and arrange that promptly after your examination.

Putting your mind at rest

At all stages you will be kept fully informed and comfortable, and we will give you a full picture of your dental health, so you can make a knowledgeable decision about any future treatment. Being afraid of the dentist is very common, but rest assured, we will look after you, and make sure you are completely at ease at all stages.