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Helping to restore a damaged smile

These are tooth-shaped caps that can replace a broken or decayed tooth crown, or cover a dental implant or teeth that have had root canal treatment. Here at Newtown Dental, we can help you find a dental crown that matches your smile perfectly, and give you something that you feel comfortable with. We provide crowns from a wide range of materials, including ceramic, metal, composite resin and porcelain.

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How it works

For dental crowns, once the tooth has been treated, we file down the tooth to create a stable base for the crown. This is then fitted on top of the remaining tooth and creates a new natural looking tooth on top of this. The process usually takes between 2 and 4 hours, and can usually be done on the same day. If you are considering a crown for your tooth, contact our dental clinic in Birmingham for a chat about how a crown can work for you.

Dental crown care

With crowns, because they are fixed on top of the existing tooth, it is important to be gentle and careful with both eating and cleaning. Avoid hard or sticky foods like toffee or boiled sweets especially, and be particularly careful when flossing so as not to pull the crown away with the string.