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Do you need a filling - We will take care of you

If you have a cavity in your tooth, a filling is the easiest and most effective way of dealing with the problem. Usually, with local anaesthetic, the pain is absolutely minimal, and the process is very simple. The overall goal is to restore your tooth to its former strength and integrity, while eliminating the chance of further decay or damage. If you need a filling, either on the NHS or privately, at our dental practice in Birmingham we are here to help.

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What is the process for a dental filling?

To begin with, we will numb the area around the tooth, using topical anaesthetic, firstly gel to minimise the pain of the injection, and then a thin needle to eliminate any pain from the filling itself. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect, we will use a drill to remove the damaged parts of the tooth, and then use a filler, either metal or ceramic at your request. It will then be sealed with an adhesive, and smoothed down, so it feels as natural as it did before.

How to prevent fillings

Every dentist will tell you the same, but the most important one thing you can do is brush your teeth twice a day. Ideally brush them in the morning, and just before you go to bed, although if they feel dirty or tacky during the day, it often pays to either brush, or drink some water if you can't brush your teeth at that moment.