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A full denture service - No more gaps!

If you require dentures, Newtown Dental are here to help guide you from start to finish. Whether you require partial dentures or a full set, our skilled team will take accurate measurements and impressions, so your teeth fit snugly. We will then create trial dentures first of all, so you can gauge the fit and appearance, and adjust it accordingly. Whatever your denture needs, at our dental clinic in Birmingham we will go to every length to make sure it is a pleasant experience..

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Looking after your existing dentures

Sometimes the dentures you have may become unsuitable, if your mouth changes shape or you lose more teeth, for example. If your dentures begin to feel uncomfortable, if they slip or feel like they don't fit properly, or if they click when you're talking, for example, it may be time to have them replaced.

The importance of correctly fitting dentures

Having the right dentures is vital to prevent sores, infections, or problems eating and speaking. They will usually last several years once they are fitted though, especially if they are well looked after.