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Experienced professional dental surgeons

If you have anything seriously wrong with your teeth, we can carry out a range of dental surgical work, including extractions, corrections, crowns, bridges and implants. Our dental practice in Birmingham has the experienced dental surgeons, the equipment, and latest techniques needed to help minimise discomfort and make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

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If your tooth is very unhealthy and causing significant pain, an extraction can bring an immediate solution and immense pain relief. For instances of severe tooth decay, a fractured or impacted tooth, or serious gum disease, an extraction is often the best option. We will take every care to make the process as comfortable as possible for you, and will also give you advice on aftercare, so you can avoid any complications and heal as quickly as possible

Crowns, bridges and more

While it can be difficult to break habits like smoking, or eating sugary foods, our preventive dentistry will also give you tricks and tips to help reduce risk. Simple things like using a straw for soft drinks, or using a mouthwash can really make a difference to your long term oral health.