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A pain-free way to treat an infection inside the tooth

This is a pain-free way to treat an infection inside the tooth. It is usually only necessary when an X-ray shows that the interior pulp of the tooth has been damaged by an infection. Symptoms of this include pain when eating or drinking, especially with hot and cold food in the same manner as with sensitive teeth, and pain when biting firmly. Eventually the pulp will die and the pain will appear to go away, but it often returns later on from further complications of having a hollowed root canal.

Tooth root system highlighted in jaw model



How root canal treatment works

At our dental clinic in Birmingham, we can help by removing the bacteria from the root canal system. We apply a local anaesthetic first to ensure the procedure is completely painless. Once that has taken effect we will clean and re-shape the root canal interior, taking great care to remove all the infected material, before filling the space. While it is slightly more involved than a filling, the principle is effectively the same.

What can I do to help?

It's important to look after your teeth even more after a root canal treatment. Avoid biting on hard foods with the affected tooth, and avoid toffee and other sticky sweets, which, as well as being sugary have the risk of removing the crown of a root canal filling.