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There are hundreds of reasons that a patient could need specialist acute dental care. The most common is a traumatic injury to the teeth or jaw. In cases like these, once the patient is medically well, the next stage is to assess and decide what dental surgery needs to be carried out. We will examine the injury and discuss all the options with you thoroughly so you can make an informed decision on the path to take going forwards.

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We can often arrange appointments within 24 hours. Unless the situation involves excessive bleeding or swelling, avoid going to Accident & Emergency. These departments will often refer you to an emergency dentist like ourselves, and the doctors at a hospital will not usually have anywhere near the level of experience we have with emergency dental care and surgery.

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At our dental clinic in Birmingham we will look after you with the utmost expertise and compassion, making sure your emergency and specialist dental treatment causes minimal discomfort, and is beneficial to you in the long term.