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Specialist Services

There are hundreds of reasons that a patient could need specialist acute dental care.   more  


Having a dental implant is a great option if you wish to replace one or more teeth permanently.   more  


A denture-free way to replace missing teeth  more  


These are tooth-shaped caps that can replace a broken or decayed tooth crown, or cover a dental implant or teeth that have had root canal treatment.   more  


If you require dentures, Newtown Dental are here to help guide you from start to finish.   more  

Child dentistry

It is really important that children are comfortable visiting the dentist from an early age  more  

Root Canal Therapy

This is a pain-free way to treat an infection inside the tooth. It is usually only necessary when an X-ray shows that the interior pulp of the tooth has been damaged by an infectio...  more  

Oral Surgery

If you have anything seriously wrong with your teeth, we can carry out a range of dental surgical work, including extractions, corrections, crowns, bridges and implants.   more  

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dental care is the one thing we can do together that can do the most for your oral health all round.  more  


If you have a cavity in your tooth, a filling is the easiest and most effective way of dealing with the problem.  more  

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